Myanmar (Burma) River Cruises - Irrawaddy River cruise

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A country of smiles… a land of grace…a people of welcome…a place of charm and culture….Myanmar is slowly unfolding its charms and hidden treasures to a world hungry for new adventures, new experiences. A land that time had almost forgotten has at last opened her doors to those looking for wonderment and places to treasure.

Bordered by five countries – Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh and India – Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a gentle land of shimmering lakes, mythical rivers, emerald forests, villages unchanged for centuries and its people are full of warmth and grace. While its temples and stupas, shrines and monasteries are as much part of the landscape as the colourful markets, vibrant festivals and remote villages. It is a land waiting to be uncovered… waiting to be discovered…but gently, slowly and with care which is why one of the best ways to explore its beauty is on our luxury cruise ship – Sanctuary Ananda.


Why Choose a Myanmar Cruise?

  • An intensely Buddhist country, Myanmar is home to some of the most fascinating and beautiful Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries in the world.
  • One of the greatest attractions of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is its people; their charm, gentleness and hospitality is unparalleled.
  • Transport yourself back in time as you cruise the scenic Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers, unchanged for centuries.
  • Myanmar is full of unique local culture and customs.