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Chobe National Park, renowned for its elephants is home to the largest concentration of these gentle giants in Africa. The park also features an abundance of sable and roan antelopes.

Rare sitatungas with their splayed feet that run on swamps and their predators, the wild dog and lion, are often seen. The lush riverfront region is home to giraffe, wild dog, sable and Cape buffalo and is the only place in Botswana where Puku antelope can be spotted. In the savannah, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, impala and kudu are plentiful.

Sightings - February 2014

The wild dog sightings from January carried on this month with guests spotting these elusive animals on more than eight separate occasions in February. As always elephants are plentiful and our guests always love seeing how they play and spray water over themselves in the Chobe River. The best time to view these gentle giants are definitely in the late afternoons as huge herds come down to the river to quench their thirst after a long hot day of foraging in the National park. 


Chobe Chilwero

sightings - January 2014

The new year has started with great sightings! This is the perfect time to view the beautiful summer flowers and enjoy warm, sunny days with occasusional short afternoon thundershowers. Game viewing of predators like lions and leopard remain good as antelope give birth to their newborns, ensuring an easy meal for most of the predators. To the delight of our guests and guides we saw the return of the wilddog population to the area and had a few great birding sightings.

giraffe, great migration

sightings - december 2013

The Chobe river front area is always busy with wildlife activity. This month was no different as the lush floodplains and dense woodland of mahogany and teak is home to many of the animals in the park. The Chobe River is as always a major watering spot for the large breeding herds of elephants, giraffe, sable and buffalo and these flood plains are the only place in Botswana where puku antelope are seen. During these hot summer months guests are spoiled by the large numbers of carmine bee-eaters and other migrant species that flock to the area.

elephant, great nigration

sightings - November 2013

The first rains have arrived turning the surrounding areas to lush and beautiful shades of green. Many of the antelope will start birthing creating nature's animal nursery. As always there were plenty of elephants to be seen. This time of the year offers some of the most incredible sunsets over the Chobe River especially if you can capture the moment and silhouette of a big elephant standing tall between you and the sun! Guests regularly spotted buffalo as they chewed on the short grass in the shallow waters of the river and of course some of the many bird species around.

Chobe Chilwero

sightings - october 2013

The warmer weather brings the first migrant species of birds back to Botswana boosting the number of bird species found to around 450. An afternoon cruise on the river is a must for all bird enthusiasts as there are plenty of species around including fish eagle. Sightings of elephant remain good especially close to the Chobe River in the late afternoons. There are also plenty of young calf's running around. Sightings of cats are good and our expert guides always try their utmost to find these elusive animals for guests to see. 


Chobe Chilwero

sightings - SEPTEMBER 2013

Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero has had some great big 4 sightings during the month of September. Large herds of buffalo and elephants ranging between 100 - 500 were seen as well as a pride of six lions. From a boat cruise on the Chobe River guests were able to spot a few of the over 460 species of birds in the Park. These include sacred ibis, Egyption geese, fish eagles and martial eagles. The migrant and very colourful carmine bee-eaters have also started returning to the area.