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The Team - Sanctuary Baines' Camp

Profile photo for Team member Lesego Italy Lesego Italy Lodge Manager

Lesego was born and raised in Maun, where she completed her schooling at Maun Technical College where she did a 2 year secretarial course. She joined Sanctuary in September 1998, working at Chobe Chilwero. She has worked herself up through several departments and is currently the assistant general manager. Lesego comes from a big family, and has a 16 year old son named Tumo

Profile photo for Team member Oarabile Segole Oarabile Segole Assistant Storekeeper

Oarabile who has been with Sanctuary for eight years, was chosen from her community to work at the camp as a housekeeper. She was promoted several times and now holds the position of Assistant Storekeeper. Oarabile uses her talents as a skilled basket weaver to give guests lessons on how to make baskets.

Profile photo for Team member Odumeleng Thogotana Odumeleng Thogotana Boat Driver

Odu, as he prefers to be called, never went to school but was taught by his parents how to make dugout canoes, track animals and fish. Odu has now been with Sanctuary for nine years and he says “working for Sanctuary means having the opportunity to meet new people from around the world and at times passing on the little bit that I know to the younger generation”.