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Chobe National Park has an abundance of wildlife throughout the year and is famous for its predators. Spot lions, hyena, jackals, cheetah and even wild dog.

This second largest park in Botswana, covering 10,566 square kilometres, is divided into four eco-systems. To the northwest, Serondela with its lush plains and dense forests and Linyati Swamps, to the west the Savuti Marsh, and in between, the hot dry hinterland. The immense teak forest in the northwest is home to the largest population of elephants and has one of the greatest concentrations of game found in Africa. Whatever the season, wildlife is present in abundance.

Botswana Chobe Chilwero - Giraffe

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Chobe National Park is home to Africa's largest remaining population of elephants. At the edge of the Chobe River you may see a variety of species including waterbuck, lechwe, puku, giraffe, kudu, roan, sable, impala, warthog and bushbuck along with the accompanying predators: lion, leopard, hyena and wild dogs. The park also boasts well over 460 bird species making it one of Africa's premier destinations for birding safaris. Common species to be seen include Sacred Ibis, Egyptian Geese, Cormorants and Darters, Spur-winged Geese, Pel's Fishing Owl and Carmine Bee-eaters.