Botswana Stanley's Camp 3

With abundant wildlife roaming the area and several active hyena dens close to the camp, game viewing at Sanctuary Stanley's Camp allows for an exclusive experience.

The Delta has an extraordinary concentration of wildlife, boasting vast congregations of elephant and buffalo, sightings of big cat predators, and even the endangered wild dog. Water crossings are part of the adventure and watching zebra standing belly-deep grazing is quite a sight to see. Venture out after dark on night game drives to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal animals like the bush baby, hyena and leopard.


Elephant Cropped

May 2015 - Elephant sightings were plentiful this month. Leopards were also seen quite a few times during the month - which was a great treat for guests. Other good sightings included those of wild dogs (which is normally a rare sighting), buffaloes, lions and hyenas.

Wild Dog Cropped

February 2015 - The nearby hyena den has three new inquisitive young ones running around. Guests were incredibly lucky to spot a wild dog on the walkway to the guest rooms. The mother leopard and her cub seem to be doing well as our guides regularly see them.

Lion In Tree Cropped

July 2014 - Buffalo and elephant sightings were plentiful during the month of July. Predator sightings were excellent and hyena, lion, leopard and wild dogs were spotted. There were two different sightings of leopard within 2km of each other on the 16th of July.

Stanleys Hyena Cropped

March 2015 - Lion and leopard were quite elusive and were spotted now and again - with the most commonly-spotted animals being cheeky hyenas and majestic elephants.

Sightings April 2014 Cropped

April 2015 - Elephants and hyenas were the most frequently-sighted wildlife and the elusive leopard was spotted on 13 days of the month of March - much to the delight of the guests.