Botswana Stanley's Camp 3

With abundant wildlife roaming the area and several active hyena dens close to the camp, game viewing at Sanctuary Stanley's Camp allows for an exclusive experience.

The Delta has an extraordinary concentration of wildlife, boasting vast congregations of elephant and buffalo, sightings of big cat predators, and even the endangered wild dog. Water crossings are part of the adventure and watching zebra standing belly-deep grazing is quite a sight to see. Venture out after dark on night game drives to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal animals like the bush baby, hyena and leopard.

Elephants In Delta


There were many sightings of elephants and hyenas this month in the Delta. Buffaloes, leopards, lions and wild dogs were seen a few times.

The rains in Botswana come mostly between December and March, when average minimum temperatures are in the low 20°s. Some days will be sunny, some will have afternoon thunderstorms and others will be grey.

Baines - Dec 2013


Great sightings were those of hyenas and elephants - seen on most days during the month. A spectacular sighting was that of a cheetah on one day in November. Lions, leopards and wild dogs were seen a few times too.

Green season is really in full swing and the plains are turning a lush green. Many animals will be born during this season - and more predators will be spotted in search of more vulnerable, easier-to-catch prey. 

Stanleys Leopard


Guests got to see elephants almost every day during October. Predators were quite scarce and were seen only sporadically through the month, and included leopards, lions, wild dogs and hyenas. Guests were however lucky to see buffaloes quite often this month.

From September onwards, temepratures become increasingly warm as October comes nearer, with temperatures of more than 104F (40C) in the shade  - signalling the start of the "green season" in Botswana. Guests also got to enjoy mokoro rides every day - relaxing in the dugout canoes through the reeds and water lilies of the Delta waterways.

Stanleys Painted Reed Frog


Elephants were spotted every day during September. Another herbivore seen quite frequently was the buffalo. 

Hyenas, were seen very often; with other predators including leopard, lion and wild dog being seen less frequently.

Guests were able to enjoy mokoro rides every day - where guests glided peacefully through the Delta's waters - spotting dragonflies, kingfishers and frogs along the way. 

Bateleur Eagle


Elephant, wild dog, hyena and buffalo sightings featured very prominently this month. 

Leopards were also seen a few times during the month and guests were lucky enough to enjoy a few sightings of lions.

A particularly brilliant sighting was that of a Bateleur Eagle. This bird is medium-sized and is endemic to Africa and small parts of Arabia. "Bateleur" is the French word for "Street Performer."

Stanleys Lionesses


Buffalo and elephant sightings were plentiful during the month of July. 

Predator sightings were excellent and hyena, lion, leopard and wild dogs were spotted.

There were two different sightings of leopard within 2km of each other on the 16th of July.

Stanleys June 2014 Wild Dogs


Elephants were seen every day of June. Hyenas, buffaloes and wild dogs were seen often. 

Leopards and lions were seen only a few times during the month. 

Interesting sightings included: male and female ostrich; aardvark was seen during the day at the elephant picnic site; a pack of 14 wild dogs was consistently seen around the airstrip. 

Elephant At Stanleys


Elephant sightings were plentiful this month. 

Leopards were also seen quite a few times during the month - which was a great treat for guests. 

Other good sightings included those of wild dogs (which is normally a rare sighting), buffaloes, lions and hyenas. 


Sightings - April 2014

The area surrounding the camp is famous for its very large buffalo herds - there was a large buffalo herd spotted, of 500 plus. 14 Wild dogs were seen right inside the camp grounds - a real treat for guests to see, as this is not a common sighting at the camp.    

Loads of elephants were sighted in April - about 40 plus elephants. Elephants and hyenas were the most frequently-sighted wildlife and the elusive leopard was spotted on 13 days of the month of March - much to the delight of the guests. Lions were slightly scarce this month. Enjoyable Mokoro excursions were available every day in April at Stanley's Camp - a brilliant way to explore the Delta.

Stanleys Hyena

Sightings - March 2014

Relaxing Mokoro excursions were available throughout the month of March at Sanctuary Stanley's Camp. A very large buffalo herd was spotted a few times during the month - the herd was as large as 800 buffaloes! An epic game viewing experience occurred when 14 wild dogs were spotted taking down an impala.

Two lion cubs and two lionesses were seen, as well as two males. Lion and leopard were quite elusive and were spotted now and again - with the most commonly-spotted animals being cheeky hyenas and majestic elephants.

Stanleys - Feb 2014

Sightings - February 2014

The great buffalo sightings from last month has carried on into February - the herd is about 500 strong and seem to enjoy the area surrounding Sanctuary Stanley's Camp. 

The nearby hyena den has three new inquisitive young ones running around. Guests were incredibly lucky to spot a wild dog on the walkway to the guest rooms. The mother leopard and her cub seem to be doing well as our guides regularly see them. We also spotted a two male giraffes fighting. This behaviour is generally seen when they try to defend the females or just prove their strength to the other male giraffes and, as they have no vocal cords, the fight is completely silent.

Stanleys - Jan 2014

Sightings - January 2014

The area surrounding Sanctuary Stanley's Camp is well known for its large herds of buffalo. This month, guests were able to see just how big some of these herds can be, as hundreds of buffaloes congregated not too far from the camp.

The rains have started to bring new life and turned the bush into a lush green area - turning the area into a photographer's dream. The many young mammals also bring plenty of predators, as their next meal is easier to come by.