Botswana Stanley's Camp 3

With abundant wildlife roaming the area and several active hyena dens close to the camp, game viewing at Sanctuary Stanley's Camp allows for an exclusive experience.

The Delta has an extraordinary concentration of wildlife, boasting vast congregations of elephant and buffalo, sightings of big cat predators, and even the endangered wild dog. Water crossings are part of the adventure and watching zebra standing belly-deep grazing is quite a sight to see. Venture out after dark on night game drives to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal animals like the bush baby, hyena and leopard.

Sightings - February 2014

The great buffalo sightings from last month has carried on into February - the herd is about 500 strong and seem to enjoy the area surrounding Sanctuary Stanley's Camp.  The nearby hyena den has three new inquisitive young ones running around. Guests were incredibly lucky to spot a wild dog on the walk way to the guest rooms.    The mother leopard and her cub seem to be doing well as our guides regularly see them. We also spotted a two male giraffes fighting. This behaviour is generally seen when they try to defend the females or just prove their strength to the other male giraffes and as they have no vocal cords the fight is completely silent.

Sightings - January 2014

The area surrounding Sanctuary Stanley's Camp is well known for its large herds of buffalo. This month guests were able to see just how big some of these herds can be as hundreds of buffalo's congregated not too far from the camp. The rains have summer rains have started bring with it new life and turning the bush into a lush green area - turning the area into a photographers dream. The plenty of young mammals also bring plenty of predators as their next meal is easier to come by.

Sightings - December 2013

Our guests have been spoiled to yet another great month of sightings, including good numbers of predators. The hyena's have been walking through camp on a few occasions and are close most nights as we can hear them laughing most of the night. The pack of 16 wild dogs are still in the area and have been seen hanging around the airstrip. We spotted a male lion killing a baby giraffe, a male and female lion with two young  cubs and a male lion chasing a leopard into a tree. There has also been a huge breeding herd of elephants seen close to camp.                                                                                                                             


Sightings - November 2013

The season is changing and the first rains and thunder storms have arrived. With this many of the antelope begin birthing and the bush turns from the dull grey's to beautiful vivid colours filled with new life. Sightings remain good and our expert guides managed to find some great sightings for our guests, including 20 lions in one day as well as a family of 16 wild dogs. They also spotted a leopard with her new cub and lions mating. Hopefully we will have some new cubs running around in the near future.


sightings october 2013

Summer had arrived and so has the first migrant species of birds. Guests staying with us on the private concession has seen some great game viewing this month. These include a pride of eight female lions out searching for breakfast. Some of them even climbed a tree for a better view point. A herd of about 500 buffalo were seen not too far from camp. Guests also spotted a female leopard with two cubs, two lionesses with two cubs, and a lioness killing a warthog right behind the management house and nine lions on three buffalo kills.   

sightings - SEPTEMBER 2013

A wonderful month of wildlife sightings for Sanctuary Stanley's Camp. Memorable sightings includeseeing a male leopard killling a baboon, two lions up in a tree, a mother and baby hippo and an elephant visiting the camp's boma area.  We've also spotted a few babies in the area - a female leopard with two young cubs, a lioness with her two new cubs and the nearby hyena den also has a few new pups. Guests were very lucky to spot a honeybadger roaming around as you dont see these elusive animals very often.