As the predator capital of the world, the game viewing is awe-inspiring. But apart from its predators, the Moremi is also renowned for its large concentrations of plains-game, elephant and buffalo.

You will also no doubt see giraffe, impala and zebra. Endangered wild dog also make this area their home. Several lion prides as well as genet cats and hyena also live in abundance here. Like the rest of the Okavango Delta, the area is a paradise for bird lovers, with over 500 species.


sightings-february-2015 Chief's.jpg

Green season is known for turning the bush into a wildlife nursery. There are so many new-born mammals, from baby antelope to young lion cubs and leopards running around as they discover their surroundings. Guests have also had good sightings of the rare migratory birds.

May 2015 Lion - Chief's.jpg

There have been lots of lion pride sightings of late, including a coalition of four males and the local tree climbing lions. Guests at Chief's Camp also witnessed a herd of elephants chasing off a pride of lions for being too close to their young calves.

January 2015 Lions - Chief's

Guests were welcomed at the airstrip by three lionesses from our tree-climbing pride - at some stage they were even trying to hunt, but were unsuccessful. On a separate occasion male lions were spotted near our airstrip and they had four lionesses with them and a young male cub.

May 2015 Leopard - Chief's.jpg

We have been lucky enough to have quite a few Leopard sightings in the area recently. The highlight for guests was watching a leopard successfully stalking a young baboon in the tree tops, jumping from tree to tree in pursuit.

May 2015 Wild Dog2

Guests were treated to sightings of Wild Dog in the area, including a pack with several young mouths to feed meaning lots of successful hunts to watch.