Wildlife - Sanctuary Chief's Camp

Botswana Chief's Camp - 3

As the predator capital of the world, the game viewing is awe-inspiring. But apart from its predators, the Moremi is also renowned for its large concentrations of plains-game, elephant and buffalo.

You will also no doubt see giraffe, impala and zebra. Endangered wild dog also make this area their home. Several lion prides as well as genet cats and hyena also live in abundance here. Like the rest of the Okavango Delta, the area is a paradise for bird lovers, with over 500 species.


Sightings - February 2014

Green season is known for turning the bush into a wildlife nursery. There are so many new-born mammals, from baby antelope to young lion cubs and leopards running around as they discover their surroundings.

Guests have had good sightings of the rare migratory birds which will start moving to warmer climates in a few weeks.  The days are still warm and sunny with occasional afternoon thundershowers - making for some of the best sunsets you've ever seen.


sightings - january 2014

The month started with guests being welcomed at the airstrip by three lionesses from our tree-climbing pride - at some stage they were even trying to hunt, but were unsuccessful. On a separate occasion male lions were spotted near our airstrip and they had four lionesses with them and a young male cub.

An interesting sighting was seeing two bull elephants play-fighting. They showed some unusual behaviour as one was flapping his trunk while the other put his head into the ground. Guests were also lucky to see a leopard trying to hunt vervet monkeys and another leopard with her cub feeding on an impala.


sightings - december 2013

The hyena cubs from a nearby den have grown up since our guides last saw them. This one in the image is said to be very inquisitive and has a great personality. The giraffes were out and about and there are plenty of young ones around. One of the young giraffes was seen with his umbilical cord still attached to him which means he couldn't be older than about a week or two.

Other highlights this month included lions and a breeding herd of elephants walking through camp, spotting a leopard feeding on an impala in a tree and seeing an elephant give birth!                                                                                                                       


sightings - November 2013

The landscape is starting to change, as the first rains and thunderstorms arrive. The bush is painted in vivid colours and is lush with new life as many of the antelope begin birthing.

The sunsets this time of the year are also spectacular. Sighting highlights this month include: spotting a mature male leopard near camp - he was very relaxed and trying his best to hunt some zebra, unfortunately he failed. Our guides agreed - the sighting of the month was seeing a pair of giraffes mating. Many of the guides had never witnessed this before making it a rare and unusual sighting.


sightings - october 2013

The first summer rains have arrived which means the surrounding areas will start changing to various shades of green. Sightings around camp and in the Moremi remain great. A very unusual sighting this month was that of a young male lion and a hyena feeding together on a dead hippo - this is something our guides have never seen before.

Other memorable sightings include seeing a female cheetah, wild dogs hunting and catching an impala, lions hunting and killing a giraffe and a kudu on two separate hunts and spotting a female leopard with her cub up in a tree feeding on an impala. We also had a visit in camp from our resident bull elephant who pops in every now and then.                                      


sightings - SEPTEMBER 2013

It is the start of summer and we've had another great month of spotting wildlife. The sightings of wild dogs have increased from last month. A few highlights include: lions hunting buffalo and zebra, two male hippos fighting in front of camp and on another occasion two bull elephants fighting on the plains in front of the camp. Wild dogs being chased by lions, a pride of lions passing through camp and a few new-borns, a lioness was seen with cubs as well as the resident female leopard with her two young ones.


sightings - AUGUST 2013

The Moremi has definitely lived up to its reputation - with August producing some of the best game viewing so far this year. We spotted lions on 27 days and leopard on 26 days in August.

Memorable sightings this month include: A herd of about 500 buffalo grazing on the plains in front of the camp. Lions killing a Kudu in front of one of the guest rooms. Spotting the pack of wild dogs with nine new pups and a wild dog hunt and kill right in front of the camp's main area, while guests where having a scrumptious breakfast.