Wildlife - Sanctuary Baines' Camp

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The fantastic array of wildlife here can be explored in 4x4 vehicles, by boat, canoe, or on foot. The delta has about 122 species of mammals, over 400 species of birds and 1300 species of flowering plants.

Whenever you are visiting, there is always something to be seen from the wooden deck surrounding the main dining room. So don't be too surprised to see prowling lions hunting for prey at the edge of the lagoon. There's also a good chance of seeing leopard, buffalo, cheetah, giraffe, impala, zebra, wild dog, hyena and hippo.

Recent Sightings at Sanctuary Baines' Camp

Baines Elephant Left

September 2014 - Elephants were seen every day this month, what a treat for the guests staying at the camp. Additionally, buffaloes were spotted quite often.

Stanleys December 2013 Final Final

March 2015 - March was a brilliant month to spot elephants and hyenas while enjoying a Sanctuary Baines' Camp game drive!

Baines Lion Left

December 2014 - Sightings were good this month in the Delta with many elephants and hyenas seen. Buffaloes were seen.

Wild Dog Centre

June 2014 - Elephant, lion and hyena sightings were plentiful this month at Sanctuary Baines' Camp, much to the delight of the camp's guests. Buffalo, wild dog and leopard sightings were also quite good this month. Interesting sightings were: Some wild dogs were spotted eating impala close to the camp's airstrip.

Sightings January 2014 Centre New

January 2015 - Plains game are plentiful and guests spotted lions, leopard and hyenas. Our guides also spotted two male giraffes fighting - this behaviour is shown as they try to prove their strength to the other males in the area.

Sightings April 2014 Right New

January 2015 - Our guides also spotted lots of beautiful flamingo. These stunning birds congregate in the wetlands each summer and can be seen in huge numbers.

Lion Delta Right

July 2014 - Predator sightings were excellent and included those of leopards, hyenas and lions.

Sightings May 2014 Right

May 2015 - Guests were treated to leopard sightings a few times during May. Leopards are closely related to jaguars, lions and tigers.