Press - Sanctuary Baines' Camp

Botswana Baines' - Okavango Delta


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Travel Africa 2013

"Brush up on your Bush Skills"

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Saturday Star 2013

"The feeling of walking in the bush holding the trunk of a massive African elephant is quite indescribable"

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National Geographic 2013

"Walking with Jabu, Thembi and Morula and getting to know their distinct personalities deepened our appreciation for these gentle giants."

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Good Life Connoisseur 2012

"we returned to our room to find two bathtubs filled with a bubble bath, a bottle of bubbly on ice and surrounded by brightly buring candles, all on our private deck"

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The Huffington Post 2012

Named Baines' Camp # 6 in an article about "Stargazing in the world's most romantic vacation destinations"

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Tourism Review 2012

"If you are seeking an ideal adventure trip to Africa and want to learn survival skills..."

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Room 902 - the best places to stay in the world 2012

"four -poster beds lie under starry African skies and free-standing baths magically appear on private candlelit decks"

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