Sanctuary Baines Camp Main Aerial

Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is our smallest camp with only five luxurious suites. With star baths and sky beds on your private deck, this is a romantic oasis.

Set in a grove of trees, and surrounded by papyrus beds, Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is built on raised platforms high above the Boro River in a private concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve. We encouraged the local community in Maun to collect cans, with a fee paid for every can, which were recycled to form the backbone of the camp’s structures. Baines’ is also one of only two camps to offer you the opportunity to walk with elephants.

Botswana star bed

Why sanctuary baines' camp

  • Offers unique Living with Elephants activity
  • Romantic sky beds and star baths on your private deck
  • Located on a private concession which means we can offer walking and night drives
  • Seasonal Mokoro excursions and motorised boating available
  • Eco-friendly camp built from cans

Botswana Baines

Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy (SRP)

Sanctuary Baines' Camp together with the Living With Elephants Foundation, run by Doug and Sandi Groves, works to secure the long term future of its elephant
ambassadors. Elephants can live for 70 years so when Doug and Sandi adopted Jabu,
Thembi and Morula, rescuing them from culling operations that had left them orphans, they knew they were making a life-long commitment to the trio - and that the trio would probably outlive the Groves by decades.

Read more about the work of the Living with Elephants Foundation or take a look at our other philanthropy projects in Southern and East Africa.