Celebrating 50 Years of Botswana

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As Botswana is set to celebrate its 50th Anniversary of Independence on 30th September, we look back on our favourite memories, stories and experiences from a land of wild nature, precious diamonds, and unmatched luxury.

Giraffe Rescue:

We've seen some thrilling things during our time in Botswana, but one of the most memorable was in July 2013, when our staff came across a giraffe who had got himself stuck in a snare…

Giraffe Rescue1

The Fight:

Last year a veteran white rhino called Sergeant took on a herd of elephants. Who do you think won?

E News Gif V2

Sunset Remedies:

The perfect accompaniment to any good sundowner is a sensational sunset, and Botswana certainly delivers.


Interesting Bar Guests:

On a recent trip to Sanctuary Chief’s Camp, Stan Cullimore of The Housemartins fame, had some fascinating drinking partners at the bar.

 Stan Cullimore Chiefs 2


When we built Sanctuary Baines' Camp we encouraged the local community in Maun to collect cans in order to clean up the area. With a fee paid for every can, they were recycled to form the backbone of the camp’s structures.

 Baines Camp Cans

Famous Faces:

We’ve had lots of famous faces at our Botswana properties over the year but one of our favourite was Tom Felton. While filming in Botswana for the upcoming film, A United Kingdom, he took a break at Sanctuary Chief's Camp, saying he "felt so at home" at the camp.

Tom And Jade At Sanctuary Chiefs Camp 

Star Bath:

The perfect end to a day on safari and a must for anyone visiting Sanctuary Baines’ Camp.

Sanctuary Baines Camp Starbath

Lions on the Path:

Another classic memory from Botswana: that moment when you're trying to leave, but the lion has other ideas…

Img 0171

Elephants in Camp:

The Great Elephant Census recently discovered that Africa's elephant population has declined by 30% in seven years. We've been lucky enough to have had lots of amazing interactions with elephants at our Botswana camps, and hope this will continue for many years.

Chiefs Chief Junior Posing

People of Botswana:

When it comes to hospitality, the people of Botswana excel. We know that it’s the hard work and dedication of our staff which keeps our guests coming back. That's why they make it into our list of favourite things about Botswana.

Baines Camp Team

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