World Elephant Day 2014

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Migration update from the Mara

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The great migration at Kusini

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Chris and Debbie, camp managers at Sanctuary Kusini, update us on their first sightings of the annual migration...

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Walking safaris at Swala

Image for Walking safaris at Swala

Chris, manager at Swala, gives us an insight into our newly launched walking safaris in the Tarangire National Park

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Nature Photographer of the Year 2013

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The votes are in and have been counted... find out who has been crowned Sanctuary Retreats' Nature Photographer of the Year and is now the proud owner of a Go-Pro Hero 3...

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Surprise visitors at Swala

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Chris and Mina, camp managers at Swala camp in Tarangire National Park, experience at night to remember thanks to some surprise visitors around camp

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New cheetah identified

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As a result of our close work with the Serengeti Cheetah Project, Sanctuary Kusini has recently identified 4 new cheetah cubs...

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Migration update

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Abdul, head guide at Olonana, shares his October update on the great migration

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Giraffe newborn

Image for Giraffe newborn

This month, guests at Sanctuary Kusini were lucky enough to witness a newborn giraffe take its first steps...

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The new 'royal cubs'

Image for The new 'royal cubs'

Our team at Chichele Presidential Lodge are celebrating the arrival of 3 lion cubs, nicknamed the 'royal cubs' after sharing their birthday month with Prince George.

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Migration 2013

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A continuous circle of life, the great wildebeest migration is currently making its way past Sanctuary Olonana in Kenya. Head guide at Olonana, Abdul Karim, has been following the action...

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Rhino Force

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We are delighted to share with you that we now stock Rhino Force bracelets at Stanley's Camp, Chief's Camp and Chobe Chilwero in Botswana.

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Giraffe rescue

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Last week our teams at Stanley's and Baines' helped rescue a giraffe in Botswana, alongside the Anti-Poaching Unit.

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Meet Babis

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It is our pleasure to introduce to you Babis, our resident hippo at Sanctuary Saadani River Lodge...

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