Go Wild on a Family Safari

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When it comes to keeping enquiring minds stimulated, we can think of no better way to broaden your family’s horizons than with an African safari.

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Honeymoon Safaris: What to Expect

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The romance of Africa has captivated and inspired everyone from explorers to writers for centuries. There is something about this continent that draws you in and forces you to feel more alive. It is hard, then, to think of a more fitting way to celebrate life as Mr and Mrs than on an African safari honeymoon.

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Find Your Sanctuary

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Sanctuary, to us, means refuge, a place to escape the storm of everyday life. It means to switch off, relax and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer, whether that be watching the circle of life on the plains of Africa, or uncovering the mysteries of the Orient by river boat. This is what it means to us. But what does it mean to you?

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Sanctuary Retreats Voted Top Resorts in Africa

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Since its launch in 1987, Condé Nast Traveler magazine has been a source of luxe travel inspiration for millions. Now in their 28th year, Condé Nast Traveler has built up something of a cult following, with their readers being some of the most travel-savvy in the world, always on the look-out for the next “it” destination, hotel or eatery.

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Top 6 Luxury River Cruise Suites

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Sanctuary Retreats is proud to announce that we have been awarded with the prestigious Cruise Critic UK Editors’ Picks Award for Best River Cruise Line Cabins. This award recognises our fleet of luxury river cruise ships as having “some of the most beautiful and sprawling cabins in the industry”. To celebrate, we have put together a list of our very best luxury suites.

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Christmas with Sanctuary Retreats: Guest Reviews

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Choosing where to spend your Christmas break can be a daunting experience; ‘will the kids enjoy it?’, ‘will the food be up to scratch?’, and ‘will I feel homesick?’ are common thoughts which might race through your head. To help you decide whether to book with us, we have put together a selection of reviews from guests who have stayed with us over the Christmas period.

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5 Reasons to Spend Christmas with Sanctuary Retreats

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Christmas. For some it will evoke visions of home comforts, bubbly beverages and pine needles covering the living room floor. For others, Christmas is a time to travel. Whether that means travelling to warmer or colder climes, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take a much needed vacation.

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An ode to Saadani

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In honour of the bedtime stories that greet our guests when they return to their suites at Saadani Safari Lodge, Myra and Wil guests from Amsterdam decided to write one of their own...

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Walking safaris at Swala

Image for Walking safaris at Swala

Chris, manager at Swala, gives us an insight into our newly launched walking safaris in the Tarangire National Park

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Surprise visitors at Swala

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Chris and Mina, camp managers at Swala camp in Tarangire National Park, experience at night to remember thanks to some surprise visitors around camp

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New cheetah identified

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As a result of our close work with the Serengeti Cheetah Project, Sanctuary Kusini has recently identified 4 new cheetah cubs...

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Giraffe newborn

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This month, guests at Sanctuary Kusini were lucky enough to witness a newborn giraffe take its first steps...

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Saadani engagment

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Friendship, promises and fairy tale endings at Saadani Safari Lodge

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