Top 5 Myanmar Festivals

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Given the myriad of colourful events that dot the Burmese calendar, it is perhaps little wonder that Myanmar is often described as being the ‘land of festivals’.

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Botswana Beckons

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Welcome to the land of wild nature, precious diamonds, and unmatched luxury. Botswana ranks among the most exclusive and breath-taking destination for luxury safaris and adrenaline-charged adventures in Africa, and here's why…

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7 Reasons to Visit Myanmar in 2016

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We have recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of Sanctuary Ananda, our luxurious all suite ship that takes passengers on voyages of discovery on the mysterious rivers of Myanmar. We asked Tim Buma, one of our managers on board the ship, for his top reasons to visit Myanmar and he said: “It is the friendliest nation in the world, the temples in Bagan are like visiting Angkor Wat ten years ago and cruising the way between Mandalay and Bagan is the most convenient way to travel between the two.”

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A Festival of Light or Festival of Colour?

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Asia is a melting pot of other-worldly cultures, vibrant landscapes and unique festivities. In particular, both China and Myanmar are renowned worldwide for their bright and colourful festivals. At any time of year you might find yourself swept up in a local celebration, taken hand in hand by the local people and given an insight into their lives, loves and values. This November, two of the continent’s most exciting and vivid events will be taking place across China and Myanmar. But which one would you like to experience?

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5 Reasons to Spend Christmas with Sanctuary Retreats

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Christmas. For some it will evoke visions of home comforts, bubbly beverages and pine needles covering the living room floor. For others, Christmas is a time to travel. Whether that means travelling to warmer or colder climes, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take a much needed vacation.

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Top Five ‘Under the Stars’ Experiences

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When you think of a luxury safari holiday, the term ‘under the stars’ is never the first thing that springs to mind. However, what could be more luxurious than sitting under a glorious canopy of stars with a G&T in hand? At Sanctuary Retreats we know that your holiday doesn’t stop when the sundowners run out which is why we’ve put together a selection of the best activities to do ‘under the stars’:

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Sanctuary Ananda gets a Makeover

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After an immensely exciting and successful first year in operation, Sanctuary Ananda has surpassed all that was hoped and expected of her. Cruising along one of the world’s more exotic rivers, she has seamlessly entertained and enthralled guests, taking them to some of Myanmar’s hot spots and hidden gems along the way.

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Meet Teddy and George on Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer

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The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer has introduced a new standard of cruising for the discerning traveller looking for China tours. With the largest cabins and the highest crew to passenger ratio on the river, this is a cruise unlike any other. Life aboard the spacious Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer is tranquil and unhurried. And with only 62 cabins, and fewer passengers than other boats, the journey is more relaxed.

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A Sanctuary Retreats Guide to Beijing

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Sanctuary Retreats has teamed up with Aman Resorts to offer guests a free night’s stay in the sensational Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing. This award winning hotel, situated just a few metres away from the East Gate at Beijing’s Summer Palace, is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy one of the most exciting cities in China. Combined with a stay aboard the Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer, prepare for an intoxicating mix of traditional China and city chic luxury.

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Venerating the Golden Buddha at Mahamuni Pagoda

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Myanmar is known as the Golden Land, and for good reason: everywhere you look, you are greeted with golden sunshets, stupas and smiles. The Irrawaddy River glistens gold as you pass small villages filled with shining temples, and at sunset the sun’s rays shimmer along the water’s surface. There is no better way to discover Myanmar’s nickname than on an Irrawaddy River Cruise.

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Five Reasons to Cruise the Nile with sanctuary Retretats

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Cruising the Nile has long been seen as the most romantic way of visiting the sites of Ancient Egypt and what better way to do it than on one of Sanctuary Retreats’ own boats. The standard of service, quality of food and our private docks are all part of our boats' recipe for success.

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Easter Retreats

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With the festive season well behind us for another year and the days beginning to get a little longer in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to put a spring in your step as you plan for an Easter escape.

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Selecting your chinese tea

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Are you a tea fanatic? Our Yangzi Explorer team share their top tips for selecting the best chinese tea...

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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

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Today we celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - the second largest annual festival in China...

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The man behind the paintbrush

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Let us introduce you to Maung Thiha, the man behind the creation of our beautiful watercolours...

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