World Elephant Day 2014

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Olonana beadwork group

Image for Olonana beadwork group

The latest updates from our Maasai beadwork project in Kenya...

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Updates from Nakatindi

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New water tank for Nakatindi school, plus improvements to the garden...

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Nakatindi clinic in operation

Image for Nakatindi clinic in operation

We're delighted to share with you that Nakatindi clinic is now in operation and has had it's first patients through the doors...

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Olonana undergoes authentic Maasai refurbishment

Image for Olonana undergoes authentic Maasai refurbishment

Olonana has recently had an authentic Maasai refurbishment, with the help of the local Maasai ladies.

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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

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Today we celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - the second largest annual festival in China...

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Saadani engagment

Image for Saadani engagment

Friendship, promises and fairy tale endings at Saadani Safari Lodge

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The man behind the paintbrush

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Let us introduce you to Maung Thiha, the man behind the creation of our beautiful watercolours...

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