Chindwin River Cruise: In Pictures

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The Chindwin River is the largest tributary of the Irrawaddy River and originates in the Kachin State of Myanmar and runs south before meeting the Irrawaddy River.

Due to low water levels, the Chindwin River is only accessible during the monsoon season around late July and August and therefore is a much less explored area the Irrawaddy. Due to the lower number of boats and visitors, the areas around the Chindwin river are peaceful and unspoilt. Most of the river runs through beautiful scenic landscapes flowing through mountain ranges and dense forests. For more about the area please read our blog Why Travel the Chindwin River?

We recently sent our intrepid photographer off to tour Myanmar to capture the magic of the Chindwin River and here are the stunning pictures that he brought back, travelling on the Mandalay to Bagan cruise.

Day2 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Thanboddhay Monastery Monywa

 Thanboddhay monastery, Monywa - Day 2 

Day3 Sanctuaryanand Chindwin Maukkadaw Village

 Maukkadaw village - Day 3  

Day3 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin School Maukkadaw

 School in Maukkadaw - Day 3  

Day4 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Kalewa

Trading village of Kalewa - Day 4  

Day5 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Market Vendor Mawleik

 Market Vendor in Mawleik - Day 5  

Day6 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Paung Pyin

 Playing pool in Paung Pyin - Day 6  

Day6 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Paung Pyin Market

 Market in Paung Pyin - Day 6  

Day6 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Sitthaung

 Ananda moored at Sitthaung - Day 6  

Day7 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin 28Pagodas Masein

The famous 28 pagodas of Masein - Day 7  

Day7 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Masein

 Lady in Masein - Day 7  

Day7 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Streetvendors Masein

 Streetvendors in Masein - Day 7 

Day9 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Yesaygo

 Village in Yesagyo - Day 9 

Day10 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Handicrafts Pakokku 2

 Handicrafts in Pakokku Market - Day 10 

Day10 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Pakkoku Cheroot Factory

 Pakkoku Cheroot factory - Day 10

Day10 Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Texileshop Pakokku

 Textile shop in Pakokku Market - Day 10

Finalnight Sanctuaryananda Chindwin Sandbank Dinner 1

 Sandbank dinner in Bagan - Day 10

 Discover the Chindwin River in style on a 10 night cruise with Sanctuary Ananda. For more details, please contact our Myanmar experts on (enquiries from Americas, Africa & Europe) or (enquiries from Australia, New Zealand & Asia).