We think time is one of life’s most precious resources. So there are certain things we’ll never compromise on in our quest to bring you the perfect holiday in the perfect location.

This means, wherever you decide to escape to, you can count on our luxurious portfolio of boutique safari lodges, award-winning camps and majestic expedition cruise ships for an authentic experience in an exclusive part of the world.

From ecological havens to cultural paradises, we’ll help you delve deeper into a destination and discover its natural treasures. Join us for a life-changing adventure that will take your breath away.

Wild at heart

Few things top the thrill of seeing wildlife in their natural environment. Which is why our carefully selected lodge locations can make all the difference between a good holiday and an exceptional one.

If it’s remoteness with a touch of monkey magic you’re after, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is the only luxury tented camp within Uganda’s Bwindi Forest. Here, home to half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla, it’s not unusual to spot troops of these endangered primates going for a stroll.

Sanctuary Swala takes full advantage of Tarangire National Park’s secluded woodland, where impala cool themselves beneath the baobab canopy that encircles the property. What’s more, being next to a well-used watering hole, you needn’t stray from the Tanzanian camp for close encounters of the wild kind.

For the ultimate African safari, however, Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp takes some beating. Moving between three different locations across the vast Tanzanian ecosystem ensures ringside views of the world’s largest animal migration all year round.


Rooms with a view

Perched on a remote hillside with incredible views across Zambia’s wildlife-rich floodplains, Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp blends seamlessly into its local surroundings. Best of all, its careful design ensures guests can watch South Luangwa’s big cats and buffalo from the luxury of their own tent.

In Tanzania, Sanctuary Kusini’s setting was chosen after careful consultation with local experts. As the only permanent camp in this unspoilt area, it was built around a spectacular kopje vantage point, overlooking the southern Serengeti plains where cheetah, lion and leopard congregate through the seasons. 

Sanctuary Kusini Luxury Safari Serengeti Tanzania

Riverbank relaxation

With rivers considered the lifeblood of Africa, it’s little wonder that some of our favourite holiday hideaways are nestled by natural streams.

From Kenya’s Sanctuary Olonana, our tented safari camp on the banks of a private stretch of the Mara River, to Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge, a South African safari lodge whose luxurious glass-walled suites overlook the Marico River, you can simply lie back and watch the animals flow by.

Meanwhile, our sumptuous Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is set on raised wooden platforms over Botswana’s Boro River, ensuring bird’s eye views of the water-dwelling wildlife.

And it’s not only our guests who appreciate the soothing quality of water. At Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero, one of the greatest pleasures is to watch the elephants splash around in the Chobe River every afternoon.

Sanctuary Baines Camp Okovango Delta Luxury Safari

Cultural escapes

For many, getting closer to the local culture is what makes each holiday so special. So we choose locations that enable guests to interact with the immediate community, from dancing with Maasai warriors in Kenya and walking with Batwa Pygmies in Uganda to meeting the Nakatindi villagers who neighbour Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma in Zambia.

Countries such as Myanmar are especially ripe for exploring. So, as you drift past pagodas and sail through jungle landscapes to forgotten villages along the Irrawaddy River, the abundant excursions from Sanctuary Ananda ensure you can immerse yourself fully in its fascinating customs and local legends.

Sanctuary Ananda Myanmar Luxury Travel River Cruise Burma

Journey back in time

Of course, if you’re keen to let the good times flow, our river cruises are the ideal way to navigate the local history.

Our elegant Sanctuary Sun Boat III will transport you through the Nile’s timeless archaeological treasure trove. From the open air museum of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings to Aswan’s picturesque delights, expert Egyptologists are on hand to bring its ancient tombs and temples to life.

From one fascinating civilisation to another, a cruise on board the Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer provides an absorbing insight into the symbolic lifeline of China. With the river basin home to a third of the nation’s people, take in the extraordinary landscapes, mesmerising scenery and formidable Three Gorges Dam found along this epic Chinese waterway.


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