Tantalising Tanzania

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Sanctuary Retreats client Toby Wood recently travelled on a Tanzania Safari with us and here shares his experience. We asked him to pick out his top 'Wow Moments' and the most difficult task was to narrow them down to just four!

Communing with a cheetah in Tarangire

After a wonderful morning watching elephants in Tarangire park, we were ready to head back to camp. However there was one more surprise in store as Hassan, our guide, slowed to approach a tree just next to the road. In front of us, one metre from the side of the road was a cheetah lying in the sun. We spent the next 30 minutes with the engine off watching the cheetah, while he rested, half listening to the sounds around us. It was a special moment.

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Landing in the Serengeti

We flew from Lake Manyara airport to the Serengeti to stay at the Sanctuary Kusini Lodge. As we taxied to the airport building (a small brick building in the middle of the bush), I could see a jeep with a laid table set up next to it. There were champagne glasses and a wine cooler set up, with a selection of food - all in silver furnishings. I thought that whoever that was for was travelling in style. It was then wonderful to find that it was for us, and I know we were watched with envy by our fellow passengers still on the plane.

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Seeing the rhino

We neared a small gathering of jeeps in the Ngorongoro crater to see a rhino lying in the mud, twenty metres away. Just when we were about to pull away, the rhino rolled a few times, with surprising flexibility, before getting up and wandering within a few metres of our jeep, past us, and into the distance.


Breakfast in the bush

One of our highlights was a delicious and very convivial breakfast in the bush with our guide Sami. We were able to spend a thoroughly enjoyable hour comparing our respective cultures, including family, careers and politics. This all took place with three courses, in a green and lush Serengeti.

Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp

By Toby Wood, who travelled to Tanzania with Sanctuary Retreats in December 2015.