Hands on holidays with the feel-good factor

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At Sanctuary Retreats we understand that you share our commitment to responsible travel. So, when it comes to developing our range of holiday experiences, we make sure we place as much value on what you can do when you’re staying with us as on selecting the location itself.

For us, the key to achieving meaningful long-term benefits is to encourage staff as well as guests to work closely with the rural communities within the areas we operate. 

Whether you’re hoping to instil an understanding of the importance of conservation in younger travellers or are keen to show your support by participating in a community philanthropy project, below are just a few ways you can get involved on your next holiday:

KENYA:  Planting the seed of conservation

With trees in the Masai Mara increasingly at risk of deforestation, the ecological balance of this wildlife-rich zone hangs in the balance. Those staying at Sanctuary Olonana can help combat this issue by taking part in the indigenous tree planting project. Give something back to the local environment by adding to the 5,000 trees that have been planted within the camp’s dedicated tree nursery since 2000.

Tree Planting Olonana Body

MYANMAR:  Cruise with a purpose

Built by local craftsmen using traditional materials, the Sanctuary Ananda can sail even closer to rarely visited communities thanks to a new programme. Responding to a request from the Chief of the remote village of Sin Kyun, Sanctuary Retreats has recently helped establish a local library and, thanks to the generosity of all those on-board, is contributing to the costs of a local English teacher. 


TANZANIA: Take a walk on the wild side 

Deep in the Southern Serengeti, Sanctuary Kusini is a great place to spot the 50 to 80 adult cheetahs that congregate within the grassy plains. As one of the last remaining natural ecosystems with a sizeable community of these fast-running creatures, the Serengeti Cheetah Project encourages guests to help monitor numbers and collect vital demographic data on these big cats.

Cheetah Project

UGANDA: Pack with a purpose

Bwindi Community Hospital has come a long way since it was founded as a weekly clinic beneath a tree on the edge of the forest in 2003. Now its 112 beds and healthcare outreach programme are a vital part of the local community. As member of the ‘pack for a purpose’ initiative, those travelling to the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp are encouraged to dedicate a few kilos of their luggage allowance to bringing in medical supplies and have a lasting impact on the local community.

Gfc 128

ZAMBIA:  Wheels that empower 

The Chipego Bike Shop, is a social initiative between Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma, charity Wheels of Change and the Nakatindi Health Committee. Since opening its enterprising doors last year, local women have been trained to run the shop and the donated bicycles have really helped move local healthcare and education projects up a gear. Looking to the future, we are committed to providing bikes to ensure young villagers can continue their studies at the neighbouring secondary school.

At The Shop

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