Sanctuary Kusini Reopens After The Long Rains

Image for Sanctuary Kusini Reopens After The Long Rains

Upon our return to the camp, after the rainy season, we were in awe thanks to the lush vegetation and amount of water still present in the plains. In effect, the plains are full of animals: huge herds of both zebra and eland, many groups of wildebeests, gazelles. The birdlife is also out of this world!

Lion Female

To make things even better, the lion activity is incredible! We have a resident pride around (and within) camp for more than a week now (last night they killed a wildebeest in front of Room 8 and then took rest on the rock right in front - safari from the room. The pride at Mowe Simba is still present and has offered us four little bundles of fluff - four tiny two month old cubs. Furthermore, the pride is very active and we have already been lucky to witness two hunts (one successful).


Cheetahs are still present and in two days we managed to find six different cheetahs…


As If all this was not enough, the scenery is absolutely majestic: the plains are filled with golden grass (an undulating sea of gold when the wind blows), the trees have their full foliage which boasts the warm colours of autumn, and the skies are filled with grand stormy clouds: best sunset/sunrise ever!


This is Sanctuary Kusini is at its peak: we have the exclusivity of the wildest Serengeti with no one else around! In my humble opinion, I have to say that I had never experienced such a pristine wild Africa.


By Isbjorn Viot and Charlotte Laurent, Camp Managers at Sanctuary Kusini, Tanzania. June to October is the best time for game viewing in Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, and Kenya. Plus we have special rates at selected properties in these countries during the high season.