Green Season

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Yolandi Scanes of Sanctuary Retreats travelled to Botswana and Zambia in the Green Season and this is her account of the journey...

We were lucky enough to visit Livingstone and Chobe National Park just after Christmas last year and loved every moment of it. This time of the year is called green season and once you've experienced and seen the bush over this period it is evident why they call it this.

 Chobe Hippo Walking

Everything is lush with various shades of green popping up all over. The air is crisp and the weather just perfect as temperatures during the day go up to about 27 degrees Celsius.

Chobe Impala

Besides the great colours surrounding you, travelling this time of the year also offers great value for money and fewer tourist which means in some cases guests are able to almost enjoy an exclusive experience…at a better rate.

SC Lodge Evening 4  

As there is plenty of food this is calving season with many new-borns seen all over.

Chobe Baby Crocs

My travel companion is an avid birder and was delighted and amazed at the many species we saw including migrants such as carmine bee-eaters. On the Chobe River front we encountered so many different species, spoon bills, Fish Eagles, Marabou storks, lilac breasted rollers and many more! Highlights of the trip was definitely seeing wild dogs and lions in the Chobe National Park, and the serenity of our perfect tree house on the banks of the Zambezi River in Livingstone.


We did experience the occasional afternoon showers - perfect for siesta time - which would then clear up in time for a sundowner cruise with a Gin and tonic in hand - realising how special these places are and how lucky we were for being able to experience it!

Zambia Travel Update - Yellow Fever Not Required for Zambia

The World Health Organisation has declared Zambia as a low risk area for yellow fever. As a result, South Africa has lifted the requirement for all travellers travelling to and from Zambia to have a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

This change is significant as many international travellers transit through South Africa and therefore required a yellow fever certificate if visiting Zambia. Now that this has been lifted it is easier for travellers to include Zambia in their itinerary.

By Yolandi Scanes