Expert Insights from Saadani National Park

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Saadani National Park is one of the only remaining protected coastal areas in Africa. The park covers 1100 square kilometres and is the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania which borders the sea. This is a recent update from Sean Matthewson, the General Manager at Sanctuary Saadani River Lodge.

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Wami River

It is the height of the dry season along the equatorial belt as the sun makes its way back towards the northern hemisphere and brings with it, masses of moist, electrically charged air to Saadani. The season is changing, the sound of distant thunder peals across the Indian Ocean with heavy clouds dotting the horizon. But for now, the earth remains parched with little surface water available to the plethora of wildlife searching for sustenance.

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Making a splash

Tanzania safaris and boating trips have been exceptional this month with elephants both feeding along the banks and playing in the river on a daily basis. The largest herd in the area at the moment is estimated to consist of about sixty individuals, all of them exuberantly splashing about makes for an unforgettable memory!

Colobus Saadani

Colobus monkey

Sightings of lion have become regular while the sound of bush-babies, owls and hyaenas dominate the night. The occasional leopard is given voice by baboons and colobus monkeys as it stalks the undergrowth but is ever elusive to the human eye, the only signs of its presence left behind on the sandy stage. The seasonal transition period certainly is a fascinating time to beat about the bush! 

Sunset On Wami

Sunset on Wami

As the sun journeys across the equator it drags with it a host of migratory birds which forever keeps us on our toes in search of the next new species on our Tanzania safaris.

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Migratory bird

It however, also marks the end of the season and as we drop the blinds and cover the couches, we look to our surroundings with a sense of appreciation and certainty of our privileged existence. It is sad to say goodbye, if only temporarily, for as the sun turns around and looks to the horizon, so do we. Sanctuary Saadani River Lodge and Sanctuary Saadani Safari Lodge will open for business again on 1st June 2015 and we look forward to a new season of luxury Tanzania safaris.

Sanctuary Saadani River Lodge is a luxurious river retreat, hidden within the trees bordering the Wami River, just outside Saadani National Park. Our river side retreat is built in part savannah, part mangrove forest, offering guests views of the Wami River and the national park from the 18 luxurious suites.