Boating activities resume at Sanctuary Baines' Camp

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We are pleased to say we have resumed boating activities at Sanctuary Baines' Camp again – the water has risen enough to offer this activity from the camp. Generally mokoros (locally made dugout canoes) are available from March to October and motorised boating from March to September.

Baines Boat Cropped

Motorised boat excursion

The Okavango Delta is located deep within the Kalahari Basin, and is referred to as the 'jewel' of the Kalahari. That the Okavango exists at all - deep within this baking dry land - is remarkable. Shaped like a fan, the Delta is fed by the Okavango River, the third largest in southern Africa. It has been steadily developed over the millennia by millions of tonnes of sand carried down the river from Angola.

Sanctuary Baines' Camp

Sanctuary Baines' Camp

Swollen with floodwaters from the summer rains, the Okavango River travels from the Angolan highlands, crosses into Botswana at Mohembo in the Caprivi, then later spills over the vast, fan-shaped Delta. The timing of the floods is uncanny. Just as the waters from Botswana's summer rains disappear (April, May), so the floodwaters begin their journey - 1300 km of which is through Kalahari sands - revitalising a vast and remarkably diverse ecosystem of plant and animal life.

Elephants At Sanctuary Baines Camp

Elephants in the Okavango

Sanctuary Baines' Camp is located on a vast private concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana's Okavango Delta and with its vast and diverse wildlife species is one of the premium destinations in the world for a dynamic Botswana safari experience and offers a truly unique wilderness safari in Africa. An intimate luxury safari camp, Sanctuary Baines' was named after the 19th century explorer and painter Thomas Baines. This is Sanctuary's smallest camp with just five suites set on elevated platforms in the tree line with wooden decks that offer expansive views over the permanent water of the Boro River and a lagoon teeming with life.