Nakatindi clinic in operation

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We're delighted to share with you that Nakatindi clinic is now in operation and has had it's first patients through the doors...

After our handover ceremony in December, the new clinic in Nakatindi village opened this week. It is still early days operationally for the clinic; the staff are settling into the building and organising additional supplies. So far the waiting room, screening rooms and beds have all been set up, and the pharmacy has been stocked.

Nakatindi Clinic pharmacy

We have been working with Nakatindi for three years and through a combination of our own donations and the generous support of guests, have supported a number of projects including a classroom block in the local school, a nutritional programme for children and adult skills training.

Before now, villagers had to travel 4 km to reach their nearest clinic which is shared by other communities. Now, they will have immediate access to healthcare, including HIV testing and a maternity clinic. The clinic will host a full time nurse with support from a midwife and doctor.

Nakatindi clinic in operation

We're sure you'll agree that it is great to see the clinic operating and look forward to hearing about further progress.