The great migration at Kusini

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Chris and Debbie, camp managers at Sanctuary Kusini, update us on their first sightings of the annual migration...

"After a long drought the heavens opened at Kusini a couple of weeks before Christmas...and with the rain we saw our first herds of wildebeest. The migration is now heading south again after being stalled in the western corridor, north of Central Serengeti. 

Reports in November suggested that some had even started heading north again towards the Maasai Mara because it has been so dry in the central/ southern Serengeti.

At the moment,  the wildebeest are doing their usual thing and moving all over the lower part of the Serengeti, from Kusini to the Maswa forest and the lower part of Moru to Ndutu and across to Naabi. They are just following the rain storms and are fairly spread out at the moment, but we hope they start to mass on the plains for the birthing."

Kusini Migration At Sunrise 2

Kusini Migration At Sunrise

The migration at sunrise at Kusini Camp