Hunting for the right spot

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Finding an ideal location for a mobile migration camp is both interesting and challenging. Many factors have to be considered: logistics, transport, layout and of course the view...

One needs to feel privileged while enjoying a stay in the Serengeti Migration Camp and it's the vista that actually gives the determining accent and character to a camp. With all these in our mind, it was time to go and prospect for a new location for the new mobile camp, casually nicknamed 'Little Kusini'.


It was a cloudy day and we had been having a few showers in the past few days. The bush was lush and the animals plenty. It was an ideal day to explore the designated perimeter for our new lodge. Nestled among woodland and majestic kopjes, the area was simply breathtaking. Anywhere could have been a great spot. We went from 'whoa' to 'wow' for a while and every next step could hear our new affirmation as: now this IS the spot! We then decided to climb one of the kopjes. A stunning view was before us: a different aspect of the  Serengeti in its purest perfection of diversity: plains, forests and little mountains for as far as the eye could see. We needed to find a location which had that impact; that very moment when you say 'wow!' out loud…


After observing the terrain, we were led to a grand inselberg (rock hill) and at its foot was a plateaued garden overlooking the entire valley below. As we stepped into this pristine location, the layout became clearer and clearer. Logistics were not a problem and the rooms were going to be amazing. We felt rather proud of the designated spot for the kitchen: efficient ergonomics at its finest! And the main area would have the 'wow' factor, with its own private deck, a deck made of the mighty kopje (small rocky outcrop) of the Serengeti.


We knew this was the perfect location. We were so overwhelmed and content. Our guests would feel and share our vision of a beautiful untouched wilderness. We were offering an exclusive and intimate view of the Serengeti. An insight few have seen before, a true sense of discovery. We had successfully carried out our task and headed back to Kusini.


Now that we knew where the new camp will be established, it is an ever exciting flow of ideas of how to perfect our original plan. The location was ideal and now we have to do it justice. It was now our task to make sure that a dream of an untouched natural paradise could also be enjoyed in total comfort.

Serengeti 7

A new journey is about to begin and it will be a grand one…

By Isbjorn Viot, General Manager at Sanctuary Kusini, Tanzania