World Elephant Day 2014

Image for World Elephant Day 2014

In Livingstone we have been celebrating World Elephant Day with the pupils and community members at Nakatindi Village.

The day has attracted adults from the community as well as pupils from the school - many of whom turned up in smartly dressed in their school uniforms despite being on holidays at the moment. We had plenty of games, lectures and everyone enjoyed some elephant themed snacks!

The children of community had never played pin the tail on the donkey, so pin the trunk on the elephant was a real novelty for them - even the adults got involved. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and had lots of laughs - albeit some attempts were more successful than others…

Pin The Tail

Junior, one of our guides at Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma, led a very informative lecture all about the role elephants play as a keystone species here in Africa and why they are so important to the environment - including all of the fantastic things to do with dung! 


We also delved into the threats facing elephants today from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade to habitat loss and human-elephant conflicts. The lecture ended with 'what the community can do to ensure the elephants future', by not poaching or selling products from a poached animal (either ivory, elephant hair or meat), practicing sustainable land use, setting up safe deterrents to safeguard their homes from elephants and spreading the word about what they have learnt here today.

The day has been a huge success and we're glad to be changing attitudes towards elephants!