Migration update from the Mara

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The latest migration movements and insights in the Masai Mara, as told by Abdul - head guide at Sanctuary Olonana.


Importance of grass

"The main reason why we have the migration in the Mara is the grass. This is a topic that many guides tend to shy away from, simply because they don't know a lot about the ecology of the grass and its importance. The wildebeest migrate in search of growth of new grass. The grasses here play a very important role in our environment - without which our guiding areas would simply become a large uninhabitable desert.



River crossings

The river crossing - regarded as one of the greatest spectacles during the migration. Commonly it is assumed that they cross blindly, but some recent findings show that they possess what has come to be known as a 'swarming mentality' where they systematically and mathematically explore and beat an obstacle as a unit. It is only the weaker ones who are unable to cope with the strong currents that are left behind."

Mara river crossing