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We challenged five renowned fashion bloggers to pack for a virtual safari or Galapagos cruise, with the luxury of having a ‘bottomless Mary-Poppins style bag’. Find out what they packed and get inspiration for your own trip...

We received some brilliant suitcases packed full of daytime and evening clothing, gadgets, beauty products, comforts from home and even a writing desk!



A suitcase is definitely a bare essential, but Lady M really got into the spirit of a romantic safari by picking those wonderful leather vintage suitcases you just don't see anymore. Whilst they aren't entirely practical, we love a nod to our heritage. A backpack should be top of your safari survival kit, and 'I Am Into This' picked a small lightweight one in khaki, ideal for those daytime excursions. All our bloggers packed sensible shoes, a hat, sunglasses and insect repellent. We would recommend polarised lenses in your sunglasses to reduce glare, so you don't have to shield your eyes from any amazing animal sightings.


Fabric of my life

Fabric of my life



A good camera is an absolute must. Point and shoots are ok, but an SLR with a good zoom will ensure you capture those wow moments. Binoculars are also a must for animal sightings. How about a pair of antique brass vintage binoculars?


A diary of lovely

A diary of lovely



Clothing for daytime game drives, romantic outdoor evenings and poolside relaxation was important to our bloggers. Lady M recommended merino wool as it is cooling in hot climates and warming for the colder evenings, whilst 'I Am into This' suggested cami's and airy shirts to beat the African heat. You can't beat classic khaki safari gear in khaki, and it was a brilliant idea to pick a jacket with lots of pockets. To bring out your wild side, the bloggers went for loads of animal prints! And don't forget to bring some pretty frocks for romantic evenings (a tribal print might be fun).


I am into this

I am into this



High Factor SPF, aftersun and moisturiser were all picked by the bloggers for keeping skin looking healthy and glowing in the African Sun.  We particularly liked Lady M for purposely not including travel hairdryer, and packing light on the cosmetics side… 'This is all about getting wild and into nature…….Go with the flow, let your hair dry naturally and let your skin breathe - give your body a holiday as well as your mind!"



The bloggers wanted to bring some creature comforts with them. Tribal slippers were a great choice for loafing around the lodge, whilst travel speakers are always a great choice. The award for taking the most advantage of the magical powers of the  Mary Poppins bag goes to Aspiring Kennedy who chose to bring a writing desk, picnic hamper (ideal for our bush picnic) and bath tub!

Aspiring Kennedy

Aspiring Kennedy


After much deliberation, we have chosen Lady M as the much deserved winner.  She packed some classic safari pieces that were practical and stylish. We particularly like her no-nonsense take on beauty products……and of course the champagne cooler for those special sundowner moments.

Lady M wins a Lulu Guinness duffle case and vanity case, as well as some beauty products from Bath & Unwind

Congratulations Lady M, and a big thank you to all our bloggers!