Selecting your chinese tea

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Are you a tea fanatic? Our Yangzi Explorer team share their top tips for selecting the best chinese tea...

1. Observe - Good or fresh tea has a green luster in a tight shape, whereas a poor one looks loose and dull. The leaves should be dry enough to make a rustling noise in your palm.

2. Smell - The fragrance should be pure without a charred taste or acidic smell. Good tea, especially a fresh one, has a natural aroma such as orchid or jasmine, while a poor one smells stale.

3. Taste - You can taste the leaves by chewing them carefully. Good tea leaves have a fresh mellowness. You can also infuse some to see if the leaves extend smoothly and sink slowly to the bottom. Good tea liquor is emerald green or golden. It has a tint of bitterness with a lasting sweet aftertaste. Stale liquor is malodorous and dark brown.

4. Check the infused tea leaves - they should be even without impurity.