Top luxury experiences in Africa

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World Elephant Day 2014

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Migration update from the Mara

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5 things you didn’t know about the flapneck Chameleon

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10 reasons to visit Botswana and Zambia in Green Season

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Olonana beadwork group

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The latest updates from our Maasai beadwork project in Kenya...

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Four new camps in East Africa

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We are delighted to announce that our portfolio of luxury boutique safari camps and lodges will offer four additional properties from June...

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Updates from Nakatindi

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New water tank for Nakatindi school, plus improvements to the garden...

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Nakatindi clinic in operation

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We're delighted to share with you that Nakatindi clinic is now in operation and has had it's first patients through the doors...

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King of the jungle

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"In a child's eyes, with all that wonder and imagination, the first time you see 'The King of the jungle' is a completely magical and mystical experience..." Ernest, our guide at Chichele Presidential Lodge, shares his stories about two of our junior guests...

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An ode to Saadani

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In honour of the bedtime stories that greet our guests when they return to their suites at Saadani Safari Lodge, Myra and Wil guests from Amsterdam decided to write one of their own...

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The great migration at Kusini

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Chris and Debbie, camp managers at Sanctuary Kusini, update us on their first sightings of the annual migration...

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Walking safaris at Swala

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Chris, manager at Swala, gives us an insight into our newly launched walking safaris in the Tarangire National Park

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Selecting your chinese tea

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Are you a tea fanatic? Our Yangzi Explorer team share their top tips for selecting the best chinese tea...

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Olonana undergoes authentic Maasai refurbishment

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Olonana has recently had an authentic Maasai refurbishment, with the help of the local Maasai ladies.

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Nakatindi clinic opening ceremony

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Last week Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy celebrated the handover of a new clinic which we have built in Nakatindi Village in Zambia, located close to Sussi & Chuma lodge

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Ananda's first entry into the Myanmar waters

Image for Ananda's first entry into the Myanmar waters

Last Thursday a Buddhist Blessing Ceremony was held to celebrate the Ananda’s first entry into the Myanmar waters...

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A sneak preview of the Ananda

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Whilst construction work continues, the Sanctuary team have also been busy fine tuning the smaller touches to the Ananda. We're pleased to now share with you a sneak preview of our mock up cabin…

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Ananda model testing

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A model version of the Ananda has been created and tested at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Model Testing Laboratory in China, in the lead up to first sailing of the Ananda, in late 2014.

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Nature Photographer of the Year 2013

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The votes are in and have been counted... find out who has been crowned Sanctuary Retreats' Nature Photographer of the Year and is now the proud owner of a Go-Pro Hero 3...

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Surprise visitors at Swala

Image for Surprise visitors at Swala

Chris and Mina, camp managers at Swala camp in Tarangire National Park, experience at night to remember thanks to some surprise visitors around camp

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New cheetah identified

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As a result of our close work with the Serengeti Cheetah Project, Sanctuary Kusini has recently identified 4 new cheetah cubs...

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Virtual suitcase challenge

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We challenged five renowned fashion bloggers to pack for a virtual safari or Galapagos cruise, with the luxury of having a ‘bottomless Mary-Poppins style bag’. Find out what they packed and get inspiration for your own trip...

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Elephant Charge 2013

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Congratulations to our Southern Africa team who took part in Elephant Charge 2013, let's see how they got on...

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Migration update

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Abdul, head guide at Olonana, shares his October update on the great migration

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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

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Today we celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - the second largest annual festival in China...

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Giraffe newborn

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This month, guests at Sanctuary Kusini were lucky enough to witness a newborn giraffe take its first steps...

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The new 'royal cubs'

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Our team at Chichele Presidential Lodge are celebrating the arrival of 3 lion cubs, nicknamed the 'royal cubs' after sharing their birthday month with Prince George.

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Migration 2013

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A continuous circle of life, the great wildebeest migration is currently making its way past Sanctuary Olonana in Kenya. Head guide at Olonana, Abdul Karim, has been following the action...

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Saadani engagment

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Friendship, promises and fairy tale endings at Saadani Safari Lodge

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Rhino Force

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We are delighted to share with you that we now stock Rhino Force bracelets at Stanley's Camp, Chief's Camp and Chobe Chilwero in Botswana.

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Giraffe rescue

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Last week our teams at Stanley's and Baines' helped rescue a giraffe in Botswana, alongside the Anti-Poaching Unit.

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The man behind the paintbrush

Image for The man behind the paintbrush

Let us introduce you to Maung Thiha, the man behind the creation of our beautiful watercolours...

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Summer salmon salad

Image for Summer salmon salad

Ackim, our head chef, at Puku Ridge Camp, has shared his mouthwatering summer salmon salad recipe for you to try at home on these warm summer evenings...

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Meet Babis

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It is our pleasure to introduce to you Babis, our resident hippo at Sanctuary Saadani River Lodge...

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