Honey at Sanctuary Swala

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Working with the Mwika village, located on the western border of Tarangire National Park, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy supports a grassroots beekeeping project. The aim of the project is to promote conservation of the environment and income generation for the community.

We’re delighted to announce the first batch of honey from Mwika will be ready for sale in the coming months.

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Working with the Chief of the village, we identified beekeeping as a project that could provide a stable income and food source for villages. However, traditional methods involved stripping trees of bark to make hives, leaving the trees vulnerable to disease. By changing the material used in beehives production to sustainably sourced wood, the villagers were able to continue producing honey while preserving indigenous plants.

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With the help of donations from guests at nearby Sanctuary Swala, we have been able to provide more than 30 sustainable hives, as well as donating vital equipment to the beekeepers. Through this support, the beekeepers are hoping to harvest their largest ever batch of honey.

The honey will be available for purchase at Sanctuary Swala and Sanctuary Kusini, as well as Arusha's local farmers' markets.

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Through this project, Sanctuary Retreats Philanthropy and our guests are helping tranform lives for the people of Mwika village. Not only is the honey a healthy and nutritious food source, but the income generated through sales will give the beekeepers and their families the means to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Bees are also a vital part of the eco-system in the Tarangire, helping in the pollination of both wild flowers and farmed crops. Through this project we are also educating people about the importance of bees and their role in the conservation of the environment.


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