With such an array of local crafts produced in Myanmar by the local people there is a large selection of workshops to visit. Workshops visited within our excursions include; gold leaf beating, lacquerware, textile, brick, cheroot and shoe making workshops. It may feel like a step back in time when visiting these workshops due to the lack of electric machinery but the wooden and metal human-powered machinery will not fail to impress.



With 90% of Myanmar's population being followers of the Buddhist religion and having a large religious past, it is no surprise that Myanmar is filled with pagodas and monasteries. Pagodas can be split into two categories, temples and stupas. Temples are those which you can walk into and within which you will tend to find statues of Buddha, such as Ananda Temple which has four large standing Buddhas. Stupas on the other hand are solid structures, such as the Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan.

Sin Kyun School 2

Local villages

Within all of our itineraries you will have the opportunity to engage with the local people as our guides accompany you into villages. Within these villages you will be able to watch the processes behind local crafts, visit markets and see the selection of fruit and vegetables which are traded, take a look at villager's houses and get an inside look at how the Myanmar people live their daily lives.



Monasteries, like pagodas, are a common sight in Myanmar and you will frequently see monks dressed in red robes and nuns dressed in pink robes, both with their heads fully shaven. Whether for a few months or years, or even 50 years, most men in Myanmar will have stayed and lived a religious life in a monastery. Unlike the Catholic monks and nuns, Buddhist monks and nuns are not required to submit their lives to the monastery lifestyle. Monks and nuns eat just twice a day, breakfast at around dawn and lunch at about midday or a little earlier. In the early morning you may see them walking around markets and houses in order to collect food from their neighbours and sponsors. Monasteries are funded by generous people who donate money towards the upkeep of the buildings.

Balloon over Bagan

balloon over bagan

Available between October and March - Early in the morning, at about 5.30am, you can take an optional excursion and ride in a hot air balloon over the pagoda-filled landscape of Bagan. From this view you can see the temple stretch into the horizon while watching the beautiful sunrise.

Subject to availability at an additional charge:
  • Standard Package : $300
  • Premium Package: $360