Kenya Olonana 3
Egypt Nile Adventurer - River cruise
Botswana Chief's Camp - luxury safari camp 2

The Sanctuary Retreats’ portfolio of luxury safari lodges and expedition ships bring the boutique experience to guests with the added promise of authenticity. Located in some of the most stunning locations in the world, each property is completely individual in its design and operated around the philosophy of “Luxury, naturally."

Sanctuary Retreats was born in Africa with the first of our Sanctuary Lodges, Sanctuary Olonana, in Kenya in 1999. We now own and operate an additional 15 lodges and camps in Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We also offer private luxury camping across Kenya. Building on our heritage of luxury adventure travel, we also manage and run six spectacular expedition cruise ships in some of the most amazing cultural and ecological sites in the world. Five of our cruises explore epic rivers - the Yangzi in China and the Nile in Egypt. Our newest addition to the Sanctuary portfolio is the Ananda, which first set sail on the Myanmar rivers in late 2014.