Sanctuary Myanmar River Cruiser

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11 Night Mandalay - Bhamo - Bagan Cruise Ananda

Sail along the Upper Ayeyarwady and through the three gorges. This stretch of the Ayeyarwady River is surrounded by breathtaking forests. With daily sailing and excursions you will enjoy visiting the less explored areas of Myanmar.

Please note that this itinerary also operates Bagan to Bhamo to Mandalay.

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Day 1

mandalay to mingun

Embarkation no later than 8:45am or alternatively pick up from Thanhtay Kone village. Our ship sails to Mingun where you can visit the vast unfinished stupa of King Bodawpaya - it was thought if it was finished the king would die. To accompany the temple the huge Mingun Bell was cast and, at 90 tons, it is still the largest ringing bell in the world. Close by visit the elegant white Asinphyumae pagoda.



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Day 2

mingun to nwe nyein

Enjoy the Ayeyarwady River life before heading into the first of the three gorges and marvel at how the scenery changes from expansive to high and dramatic as the river files through these narrow channels with vast cliffs on either side. Dock for a walking tour of the village of New Nyein, where the huge 50 gallon clay water pots are made.


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Day 3

kyan hynat to katha

Sail further north and on arrival at Naba you can take a short train journey into the dense jungle hinterland and teak forests of northern Myanmar.  This is the land of the Kachin people known for their fighting and jungle survival skills, as well as their craftsmanship.

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Day 4

katha to shwe paw

Another memorable day of sailing into almost unexplored territory visiting settlements and villages which have barely changed in the last century. One such village is Mae Dar, which you can explore on foot before heading off to Shwe Paw island with its ancient pagodas.

Dinner on board.


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Day 5

shwe pawe, zinbon & bhamo

Our ship begins to enter the second of the great gorges passing logging camps and traditional settlements before arriving at the old colonial village of Zinbon. Dropping anchor on arrival at Bhamo which gives access to the town centre and its colourful, lively market, before you head back to xxx for lectures or a massage or simply to relax.

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Day 6

shwegu to katha

A fleet of smaller boats will take you to the bustling port of Shwegu and onwards to a Shan village to meet the local people and get an insight into the lives and customs. Sail southwards towards Katha.  On arrival at this traditional market town which features in George Orwell's Burmese Days, take a trishaw tour round town.

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Day 7

katha to kyan hynat

Tour the nearby village of Kyan Hnyat to visit the school and meet the locals. Giving you a true glimpse at how the local people live, an opportunity that few travellers have ever enjoyed - then sail towards Mogok. 


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Day 8

kyan hnyat to mogok

A coach tour will take you towards Mogok, an area famed for the precious stones found nearby - especially rubies and sapphires.   Then onto a forestry reserve where healing plants are grown for their essential oils, after which you will head for the teak forest to encounter the working elephants.


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Day 9


Sanctuary Ananda heads towards Ava, one of the old imperial capitals and a charming archaeological site. You can tour this either on foot or by horse drawn cart. Then stop at Sagaing, where you can tour its myriad of temples, pagodas, convents and monasteries.  Visit the main temple - Soon U Ponya Shin, before going on to see silversmiths at work and then heading the textile workshops of Amarapura, before going to U Bein Bridge by boat in time for the sunset.  


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Day 10


Enjoy all the luxuries on board whether at the spa, or the pool or simply relaxing and admiring the scenery before arriving in Bagan.

This afternoon take in some of the grand sights and stupas of this extraordinary archaeological masterpiece - such as the the sacred Buddhist Shwezigon Pagoda, which houses a bone and tooth of the Gautama Buddha and the Wetkyi and Gubyukgyi temples.



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Day 11

bagan & mount popa

Choose from a sunrise balloon rise over the stupas of Bagan (additional charge. Subject to availability, seasonality and weather conditions), or an early morning meditation at a temple. A coach will take you to Mount Popa stopping to visit a Jaggery workshop and a traditional village on the way.  Mt Popa is an extinct volcano and is known as the home of the nats (spirits). Pilgrims climb up 777 steps to give offerings and pray to the carved figures, climb slowly, but the views are breathtaking! Visit by horse drawn cart, a lacquerware workshop as well as some of the more magnificent of the 2000 plus temples in Bagan. Witness sunset from the steps of Pyathatgyi.

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Day 12


Check out and disembark.